November 13, 2011

Linux rdesktop (Remote Desktop) with ClearType font smoothing enabled

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I was looking for ways to make fonts look better in connecting to Windows from Linux via rdesktop.

The following page shows a great resolution/workaround.

$ rdesktop -u mywinusername -k en-us -g 93% -x 80 -r sound myhostipaddress

Two other options than -x 80 are shown in the page above, -x 81 and -x 8f.  (Refer to the page above.)




July 31, 2010

cron-like job setting on Windows XP with schtasks command

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Task Scheduler GUI on Windows XP does not appear to allow us to set a job every 5 minutes.

Instead, schtasks command allows cron-like setting.

To set a job (a batch file) to run every 5 minutes, here’s a sample command.

C:\>schtasks /Create /SC MINUTE /MO 5 /TN yourjob_every5min.bat /TR C:\yourfolder\yourbatchfile.bat

February 17, 2010

Deleting $INPLACE.~TR and $WINDOWS.~Q Folders

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There were two odd folders on Windows 7.

I learned that these folders can be deleted following the instructions below, and deleted them myself.
No trouble at all.

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