August 25, 2012

Maven – How do I skip the tests? -Dmaven.test.skip=true

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At default, Maven runs JUnit tests.  There are occasions that we would like to skip JUnit tests.

Maven FAQ had answers.

By adding a command line parameter,


Maven skips JUnit tests.



can be used as well, according to the FAQ.





December 26, 2009

Origo – Software Development Hosting Site for Both Open and Non-open Source Projects.

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There is another software development hosting site, which allows non-open (closed) source code and open source projects, Origo.

December 23, 2009

ProjectLocker – Subversion hosting service

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There are many free project hosting services with source code repositories/version control systems for open source projects, like SourceForge or Google Code.

For non-open source projects, there doesn’t seem to be many choices, according to the charts below.

Subversion (SVN) Hosting Comparison

I will try ProjecLocker for now.

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