March 7, 2010

Ubuntu XDMCP Access with Xephyr

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Ubuntu Linux can be remotely accessed via XDMCP as follows.

I used:
XDMCP Server: Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Netbook Remix
XDMCP Client: Ubuntu Linux 9.10 64bit
however, I believe this configuration can be used for other Ubuntu families, too.

Edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf, and set [xdmcp] section as follows.

$ cat /etc/gdm/custom.conf

Restart gdm.
$ /etc/init.d/gdm restart
(If you are using local GNOME, it will restart your current GNOME Desktop, too.)

With the info at:

$ sudo apt-get install xserver-xephyr
$ Xephyr -ac -screen 1280×768 -br -reset -terminate 2> /dev/null :2 &
$ echo $DISPLAY
— This is to restore the $DISPLAY later.

Set the $DISPLAY value to.
$ export DISPLAY=:2.0
This :2.0 needs to match with the Xephyr command line argument above.

$ ssh -XfC -c blowfish username@hostname_or_IPaddress gnome-session
will start the GNOME session in the Xephyr window.

Restore the $DISPLAY variable.
$ export DISPLAY=:0.0


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