January 17, 2010

Installing Subversive Plugin on Eclipse 3.5

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Subversive is an Eclipse plugin to integrate with Subversion (SVN).

Subversive can be downloaded and installed from the Galileo Update Site.

Help > Install New Software… > select Galileo – > Collaboration Tools.

Subversive SVN Team Provider (Incubation) 0.7.8.I20090904-1300
(This is the latest one as of Jan 17, 2010.)

Then, when I tried to use it with ProjectLocker, I got the following error.
“Selected SVN connector library is not available or cannot be loaded.”

To cope with this,
to the software update site in Eclipse.

And select:
Subversive SVN Connectors and the connector for your Subversion version.
Since ProjectLocker offers Subversion 1.6.6, I chose:

* Subversive SVN Connectors 2.2.1.I20091009-1900
* Native JavaHL 1.6 Implementation (Optional) 2.2.1.I20091009-1900
* JavaHL 1.6.0 Win32 Binaries (Optional) 2.2.1.I20091009-1900

Then, I could finally synchronize with ProjectLocker’s subversion.



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